Women's Butterfly Cromoly Saddle

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One of the best values you can buy in an Italian-made saddle, the Butterfly Cromoly is also one of the most popular saddles in the Terry line. For over two decades, Terry has worked with all levels of riders and addressed all types of saddle comfort issues. Introduced in 1999, the Italian-made Butterfly represents the best in all that research and development. Wider in the rear than typical race saddles for good support of a woman's sit bones; completely cut away through the nose and mid-section, making it flexible and comfortable against soft tissues; low profile, flat top with injection molded foam that's firm in the rear for sit bone support and more power while pedaling; cromoly steel rails that allow us to save a few euro and make this variation a great deal.

Technical Specifications

Made in Italy:

Length x width: 262mm x 155mm Weight: 326 g / 11.5 oz. Rails: FeC alloy Cover/features: smooth Dura-tek with printed accents; available in black or white.