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Wild Wolf Pup Book 8x8

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In this delightful children's story, a little wolf pup explores the beautiful natural world outside the family den. Readers will follow this pup through forests, up mountaintops, splashing through rivers and beautiful meadows. Children will learn to appreciate the small things, show empathy and curiosity about others' lives, and to practice mindfulness and gratitude for the beauty of the world around them. At the end of the book, parents will find a Wild Wolf Pup nature walk activity list that they can complete with their little ones again and again!

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Lauren is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Registered Play Therapist and Certified Animal Assisted Play Therapist. Lauren is a new mother and when she and her husband are not spending time at home with their daughter, Junah, and dog, Stevie, they are taking advantage of anything Idaho's beautiful mountains and rivers have to offer. She hopes to raise her daughter to have a wild and adventurous wolf pup spirit! Brittany is an Illustrator and Hand Letterer based in colorful Colorado. She is a lifelong kindergartener continuing to learn new things each day. In her spare time she enjoys creating, spending time with loved ones, being a dog mom and exploring the Colorado wilderness.