Vert Winter Dog Jacket

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Ruffwear Vert Winter Dog Jacket

Perfect for your furry friend!

Dogs can hold their stride with the Vert Jacket no matter what kinds of cold and wet elements are thrown their way. Designed to embrace the wintry-mix that would otherwise mean spending the day inside.

  • The Vert features extended, waterproof coverage over the hips and thighs and recycled, lofted insulation that packs exceptional warmth.
  • Leg loops keep the jacket in place when the winds kick up, and the leash portal allows the Vert to be worn over a harness.
  • What's New: High-loft recycled polyester insulation for more warmth; lightweight polyester material on the inside for a fur-resistant liner.
Technical Specifications
  • Two colors for your pal

Part Number: 05751