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Sirius Mk9 Front Light

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Sirius Mk9 crosses the boundaries of 'to see' and 'be seen' at 850 lumens. For the rider who wants a minimalist light and a high output. Side illumination maintains safety throughout the urban jungle. Also featuring the DayBright pulse pattern, this slick unit lights up the streets both day and night.


  • DayBright pulse pattern designed for daylight use. More conspicuous than a regular pulse and visible from over a kilometre away
  • Optimised Mode Selector allows rider to fine tune power and run times for the ride
  • Intelligent Thermal Management prevents overheating and maximizing battery life
  • Smart Port+ enables the charge port to accept auxiliary accessories such as rear lights, remote switches, Support Cells and to use your light as a power bank to charge USB devices
  • Battery: 1, 18.6 x 69.5mm Lithium lon Rechargeable, 3.7(V), 12.95(Wh), 49.5g, Included

Technical Specifications

  • Recharge Type: USB
  • Weight: 84
  • Lumens Front: 900