Shimano Wheels MFG PG30 Outboard Bottom Bracket

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Shimano Wheels MFG PG30 Outboard Bottom Bracket:

This is the bottom bracket of choice if you have a 46mm ID PF30 frame and want to use a 24mm Shimano Hollowtech II or GXP 22/24 crank without adapters. The Wheels manufacturing PF30 Outboard bottom bracket is a familiar looking external cup bottom bracket set with bearings. Wheels ingeniously replaces the need for adapters with a very intelligent design of the cup and bearing.

The Wheels Manufacturing PF30 outboard bottom brackets just might be the best option for solid, creak-free performance if you have a PressFit30 frame and want to use a 24mm Shimano/FSA or a 22/24 GXP crankset. A very clever threaded design make it super solid plus easy to install and remove. The cups thread into each other which helps to stabilize both cups firmly in place without moving or creaking.