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Helinox Royal Box 

The Royal Box is a sleek, luxurious way to shield yourself from the sun.

  • Royal Box is designed for maximum viewing and optimum coverage. With a durable ripstop nylon canopy that can be rolled up on one side or two, you'll have maximum sun coverage thanks to the SPF of 50+.   
  • The Royal Box pole connection is strong and simple, so set-up is fast, easy, and secure. Using materials and design proven in high-end backcountry tents, the connecting hardware is permanently attached to one pole, and has a simple clip that wraps the other pole to hold it in place at the junction. It holds tight, even on windy days, until you release it with a flip of the lever. 
  • Royal Box is designed to let you extend your shady space. The sides open like wings, creating room for a couple of tables, gear, or coolers. Getting your gear out of the main area gives you and your shademate more room to relax and enjoy staying cool and protected. And – by opening up the sides – you get better airflow. 
  • Stay cool and create a place to hang out all day long. Royal Box provides shade on your beach trips, days in the park, or hanging out at the campground. Easy and elegant, it creates a space for two so you stay shielded form harsh rays and have a place to chill when the day gets hot. 
Technical Specifications
Assembled Packed

58 in / 148 cm

5 in / 13 cm


86.5 in / 220 cm

27.5 in / 70 cm


57 in / 145 cm

9.5 in / 25 cm


4 lbs. 15 oz. / 2.25 kg

5 lbs. 4 oz. / 2.4 kg


5 years

Part Number: 15802