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Refill Pack Mycelium and Wipes

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Feel clean and preserve Mother Nature by stocking your bathroom kit with PACT Wipes and PACT Tabs. Sold as a combo pack.

PACT WIPES:Compact, sustainable, and leave you feeling cleaner. Add water and unfold each wipe into a 9" towel. Drop in the hole when you're done. The used wipe accelerates the growth of mycelium and breakdown of poop.

PACT MYCELIUM TABS:Mycelium is the root system for fungi and nature's great decomposer. PACT Tabs are made with a species of mycelium that breaks down poop in the ground faster while neutralizing harmful bacteria. Add three PACT Tabs to the hole (along with your wipe) and fill with dirt.

Please review local regulations and follow Leave No Trace best practices when going to the bathroom in the outdoors. Select areas require you to pack-out all waste. 

Technical Specifications

PACT WIPES:Each bag contains 20 compressed wipes. 1 wipe is generally enough for 1 bathroom trip. Packaged in a heat sealed, re-sealable pouch. Each wipe is the size of a bottle cap and weighs < 1 gram.

PACT TABS:Each bag contains 60 PACT Tabs. Packaged in a heat sealed, resealable pouch. Store in dry locations below 100 degrees. Keep out of reach of children. For best results, use PACT Tabs within one year of purchase.