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A robust boot built to weather years of off-track adventures.

This robust boot, compatible with the Backcountry norm, is designed to withstand the test of time and help you ski even the most remote backcountry paths. Its sturdy leather construction and waterproof membrane will keep your feet comfortable and dry no matter how far you chose to go.


  • Robust Construction: Made of sturdy leather, this boot has been constructed to deliver reliable performance year after year.
  • Waterproof: This boot features a waterproof membrane that will keep your feet protected from snow and water as you make your way through the backcountry.
  • Backcountry Norm: These Backcountry Nordic New Norm (NNN™) compatible boots have a single bar at the toe and two channels that line up with corresponding ridges on the binding.

Technical Specifications

  • Flex : Soft
  • Lacing: Regular Lace
  • Last: 105 Touring Fit
  • Outsole: NNN BC
  • Weight : 1360 g (per pair)

Part Number : L47042800