Dual Charger Floor Pump

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Need an excellent High Pressure Pump? Look no further. Pump those road tires up as high as they'll go with ease. A pump for road and MTB. The Dual Charger Pump is versatile floor pump with multiple pressure settings that let you easily inflate high-pressure road tires and larger volume hybrid and MTB tires. A quick flip of the switch moves between settings, making it perfect for riders who own both a road and mountain bike.

  • Steel construction and replaceable internals provide long-term durability
  • Auto-select head instantly fits both Presta and Schrader valves
  • Large, stable base minimizes tipping
  • Easy to read 4˝ base-mounted gauge
  • Base-mounted switch allows for easy transition between high volume and high pressure settings
  • High volume setting allows for quick inflation
  • High pressure setting allows for easy inflation as PSI increases
  • Max pressure 160 psi (11bar)

Technical Specifications

  • Pump type - Floor
  • Valve - Presta/Schrader
  • Gauge type - Analog
  • Max pressure - 160psi
  • Frame mounted - No
  • Includes - Ball needle/nozzle
  • Weight - 1670g