Center Lock Disc Brake Rotor XTR RT-MT900

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Shimano Center Lock Disc Brake Rotor XTR RT-MT900

SHIMANO - CENTER LOCK - Disc Brake Rotor - ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA - 203/180/160/140 mm

The pinnacle in mountain bike braking, SHIMANO XTR RT-MT900 disc brake rotors deliver superb stopping power for the most aggressive riding. The ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA rotors dissipate heat to maintain braking performance on long downhill stretches. SHIMANO's CENTER LOCK mounting system makes installing and removing rotors quick and easy thanks to the spine mount and lock ring design.

  • High-performance and consistent brake performance
  • Stable and versatile brake performance in the most demanding conditions
  • New ICE TECHNOLOGIES FREEZA construction with high heat dissipation paint for boosting heat dissipation
  • Rotor size
  • 140 mm, 160 mm, 180 mm, 203 mm
SERIES XTR M9100 Series
Average weight 150 (203 mm), 132 (180 mm), 108 (160 mm), 88 (140 mm)