Bordo Lite 6050/85 Foldable Lock

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The locks in the BORDO™ family all share the same mechanical properties: high level of security and flexibility with a compact travel size. The additional focus with the BORDO™ Lite 6050 Foldable Lock is its significantly reduced weight which makes it the ideal companion for athletic cycling. The six bars, connected by steel rivets, and the body are made of particularly lightweight materials and steel alloys; to prevent damage to the bike's paintwork, the rods are coated with a plastic. The 650g BORDO™ Lite 6050 is available in black, red and white.

  • Special steel design, with colour-coordinated plastic casing to prevent damage to paintwork
  • The bars and housing are manufactured using particularly lightweight materials and steel alloys
  • Bars are linked with special rivets
  • Easy transport thanks to a practical bag
  • Choice of mounting options: rubberised anti-slip Velcro straps, or screw fastening onto the bottle holder
  • Outstanding protection in situations where the risk of theft is low to medium
  • This lock can be ordered with other keyed-alike locks, all of which are operated using the same key or locking method
  • BORDO™ family: Perfect combination of durability, flexibility, weight and transport dimensions

Technical Specifications

  • Black
  • Weight - 680 g
  • Locking Type - Key