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The first all-in-one bathroom kit for your outdoor adventures, and the cleanest way to poop outdoors. PACT Wipes are thicker, more compact, and get you cleaner. PACT Tabs use mycelium from fungi to breakdown poop 10x faster, while killing bacteria that endanger wildlife and waterways. Drop the wipe and tabs into the hole. Let nature do the rest. Stocked with everything you need. Great for hiking, backpacking, camping, hunting, fishing and more.

Technical Specifications

Tri-fold Case: ultra-durable case holds all your supplies  

Ergonomic Shovel: lightweight, durable aluminum makes digging a hole fast and easy

PACT Tabs: sealable pouch with 60 Tabs (~20 bathroom trips) for fast poop break down

PACT Wipes: sealable pouch with 20 Wipes (~20 bathroom trips) to keep you feeling clean

Hand Sanitizer: 2oz refillable bottle of organic High Desert hand sanitizer

Storage Pocket: holds extra supplies including a washable trash bag and info card