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Waterbottle Cage

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The Wolf Tooth Morse Cage is the result of a collaboration between Wolf Tooth and King Cage with a goal of providing a lightweight and low profile way to reposition bottle cages

Technical Specifications

  • Named for its dot-dash-dot-dash mounting pattern, the Morse Cage base plate offers four positions
  • 32mm of vertical adjustment, fully capturing one mounting bolt in every position to prevent movement
  • Handcrafted by King Cage in Durango, Colorado
  • Will never mar your bottles, and can be bent back into shape if damaged
  • Hand bent hollow tubing
  • Precision-cut four-position bases with 32mm of total adjustment
  • Design and manufactured in the USA
  • Material: 304 stainless steel tubing
  • Compatibility: fits any bike frame that has 2 standard 64mm spacing bottle cage mounts (most modern frames)
  • Weight: 58g.
  • Color: Silver