Men's Cru Bib Short

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MTB liner

77% nylon, 23% elastane

Product Details

Some guys like the fit of a bib liner while mountain biking better than a waist-cinching short. We get that. So, we made those guys the Cru Bib Short, a chamois liner with a racerback upper designed to be worn under your MTB shorts. It’s got lightweight, breathable mesh in the upper section, Italian-made fabric (because, let’s be honest, the Italians know cycling better than we do), and a secure, not too-tight fit throughout. Plush foam in the pad is durable enough for all-day rides but not so bulky you can’t wear it to the bar after.


Italian made fabrics

Mesh upper for breathability

Left leg stash pocket

Lower back mesh stash pockets

3-8mm thick chamois

High density foam pad built for up to six hours in the saddle

Stretchy front panel allows for quick bathroom breaks

Care: Washing and caring for your chamois properly will extend the product’s life cycle and keep your liner shorts clean and free of bacteria. Wash your chamois after each use, and ideally as soon as possible after the ride (ie: don’t let dirty shorts linger in your laundry hamper for a week, letting bacteria flourish). You can wash by hand or in the washing machine. Turn the liner shorts inside out before you wash for a thorough clean of the padding. Wash your chamois in cool or warm—not hot—water in the washing machine or by hand. Don’t use harsh bleach detergents or fabric softener—stick to neutral laundry detergents. Ideally, line dry your chamois until it’s completely dry. If you need it to dry quicker, use the dryer but on low heat.