Tigard 130 Ski Boot

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Dynafit Tigard 130 Ski Boot

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Maximum performance on piste and in the backcountry.

The hunt for powder is now on: The Tigard 130 Unisex ski touring boot is an aggressive, technical high-end Alpine Tech Boot for maximum downhill performance on- and off piste. Fast as a snow leopard and strong as a tiger, the Tigard 130 boot combines Free Touring and Alpine skiing. The boot is the ultimate partner for all downhill-oriented athletes. It is compatible with not only frame bindings, but also tech and alpine bindings. 

  • Hoji Lock System merges the cuff and shell on the inside of the boot into one completely interlocking unit without any play
  • Its low weight and a flexible tongue construction made of two different high-tech synthetics ensures an energy-saving, natural walking movement even on steep terrain.
  • The Power Strap and four micro-adjustable buckles hold the foot snugly in place.
  • The ski-walk mechanism is connected by a technically clever cable system that combines the uppermost buckle and the Power Strap. 
  •  In downhill mode, the Tigard 130 locks out at a max forward lean of 13 degrees, offering you a comfortable, yet still athletic and controlled ski position – whether you are pressing, carving or slashing.
Technical Specification
  • Flex: 130
  • Cuff rotation: 70 °
  • Forward Lean: 12° - 15° + Release for Walking
  • Last width - 101mm
  • Closure System: Hoji Lock
  • Thermo-moldable boot liner
  • Gripwalk sole
  • Weight: 1,590 g