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Lynx Telemark Binding

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The Lynx is 22 Designs NTN tech-toe light touring binding. It features composite flex plates, adjustable preload and flex, and a lightweight yet durable design.  Built in the USA with machined aluminum parts, an easy-to-switch ski/walk mode, and lightweight springs with plenty of travel, it’s the new standard in light touring for telemark bindings.  Recommended for setups that will spend at least 80-90% of their time in the backcountry.

  • The tech-toe design allows touring without any lifted binding weight, so skiers can keep up with even their spandex-clad AT brethren.  But since it’s a 22 Designs binding, skiers get the durability they expect and the reward of smooth, powerful tele turns on the way down.
  • One touch puts the binding into free pivot mode.  Once at the top, ski mode is also easily pole activated, peel skins and drop in!
  • The 21-22 Lynx features improved claw action, with a lift lip making it easy to flip the claw up with your pole handle at the top of the skintrack.  Also double-chamfer low profile arms to shave some weight, and longer springs for durability.  The Small Lynx now have a softer flex due to softer main and flex plates.
  • Easy step in and out
  • Instant flex engagement

Technical Specifications

  • Weight per binding including climber:
  • Large: 1.15 lbs / 522 g
  • Small: 1.08 lbs / 492g
  • NTN Compatible in two sizes: Size break for Scarpa and Crispi boots is 26.0/26.5; for Scott/Garmont boots, the break is between 25.5 and 26.0
  • Tech-toe pin height: 1.6"
  • Made in the USA