Bread Basket

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Yuba Bikes Bread Basket

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Bread Basket takes the idea of a bike basket to a whole new level.

  • Designed to hold two cases of beer or two bags of groceries and rated for 50 pounds of cargo; the Bread Basket is no slacker.
  • Designed for strength and stability, the Bread Basket bolts directly to the Yuba frame and doesn’t turn with the handlebars.
  • Compatibility: Attaches directly to the frame of the Yuba Mundo v3.2 and above, all Boda Bodas, Sweet and Spicy Curry, and Kombi models.
Technical Specifications
  • loading capacity 50 lbs / 25kg
  • 19x14x6in
  • alloy
  • matte black color
  • 3 lbs
  • mounting hardware included
  • optional quick release mounting skewers (order from Add-Ons list)

Part Number: AC-FR08