Women's Shield Split Mitt

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  • Amara palms
  • Reinforcments on palms
  • Digitalized fingertips
  • Terry wipes on thumbs
  • Neoprene cuffs

Product Details

Swix's women's Shield Split Mitt is the answer for the woman who likes the extra protection of a pair of mittens, but chafes under the restrictions of all the fingers bound together. Splitting the fingers gives you greater dexterity and grip control, while still snuggling those fingers into a cozy togetherness so they can enjoy the extra loft that comes with a split mitt. Designed for winter weather, the mitt is made from a three layer twill membrane, water resistant and windproof, for extra protection from the elements. Using PrimaLoft® insulation further refined to make it loftier without adding bulk this cross country ski glove has plenty of warmth for your favorite aerobic activity without the weight of an alpine ski glove, which tends to be too heavy for Nordic skiing. Neoprene cuffs for both comfort and a precise fit, Amara fabric on the palms and fingers for long wear with a grip that won't slip, digitalized fingertips so you can get that shot without pulling off your mitts, and, yes, the discrete terry nose wipe on the thumbs because some days you just have to wipe. A great alternative to conventional mittens for the Nordic skier, runner, and dog walker who need extra winter protection with grip and dexterity but isn't comfortable in gloves, the Shield Split Mitt is all that, without compromise.