SLX BL- M7100 Disc Brake (Choose Front or Rear)

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Shimano SLX BL- M7100 Disc Brake With Lever

Bulky 4-caliper brakes are great for enduro and gravity-oriented disciplines, but when pure lightweight speed is what you're after, reach for Shimano's new SLX-BL-M7100 Disc Brakes for quick braking power without the extra weight. The new SLX 7100 brakes saw revisions that brought it into the future along with the new SLX 12-speed drivetrain, offering quicker piston retraction for improved modulation when you ride, while still offering the svelte aesthetics and reliable performance we're used to from Shimano's work horse line of components.

  • Sleek new levers bring SLX brakes into the future
  • Redesigned brake lever increases stiffness and responsiveness
  • Extra bracing point on lever for better control
  • New I-Spec EV mount clears things up for a tidy cockpit
  • Two-piston caliper has plenty of power for speedy XC stops