NoTubes DART Refill Pack

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Stan's NoTubes DART Refill Pack

Stan's No tubes DART forgoes traditional tubeless repair plugs for an innovative, flexible solution that reacts with sealant to create an airtight bond.

Hit the bullseye when repairing tubeless tires

Dual Action Repair for Tubeless (DART) is designed to fix damaged tires faster, easier and better than existing plug tools. While traditional tire plugs try to wedge rubber strips into a puncture, the DART creates a chemical reaction with Stan’s sealant to quickly form a permanent airtight bond.

Each DART includes a barbed plastic tip that anchors into a puncture securely while being safe for rims, rim tape and hands.

Product details

  1. Includes 5 DART Refills (DART Tool not included)
  2. Reacts with latex sealant to form an instant, airtight seal
  3. Barbed plastic tip anchors into tire and will not pull out when riding
  4. Wears off clean, no trimming needed, and can not be felt while riding, even on road tires
  5. Flexibility contours to cuts better than traditional plugs
  6. Includes sealed container and carrier rack for fast and easy reloads
  7. Plastic barb will not damage rim tapes or rim strips