KX Series Klister Kick Wax

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Klister is a kick wax designed for less than ideal classic skiing conditions; abrasive, icy, coarse, and finally wet snow. However, less than ideal is a misnomer. Simply put, in these conditions, klisters will have superior grip than hard wax. By opening up to the use and application of klisters, it opens an extended world of classic skiing. Klister often provides opportunities in very fast classic conditions, including glazed/icy tracks.

Technical Specifications

KX20 - Base Klister KX30 - 0"C to 12'C ( 32'F to 5'F ) KX35 - 1'C to 4'C ( 32'F to 25'F ) KX40S - 2°C to -4°C (36°F to 25°F) KX45 - -2C to 4C (28F to 39F) KX65 - 1°C to 5°C (34°F to 41°F).