BC Vario Adjustable Poles

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The BC Vario is a light, durable aluminum you can depend on when needed on any backcountry tour. BC Quick Lock lets you easily set the right pole length with one simple action. The large, lightweight, and flexible BC Basket adapts to any slope. Multi Grip gives you the ideal grip position for safety and comfort no matter what the terrain is on the ascent.


  • Shaft Material : Extremely high quality Aluminium 7075 Shaft
  • Round Sintered Tip: Round Back Country carbide tip.
  • BC Basket : Flexible back country basket for good control in steep terrain and maximum snow resistance in deep snow.
  • BC Grip Elongation : Non-slip EVA grip extension for variable grip positions.
  • BQ Quick Lock : Locking system from adjusting the individual pole length
  • Fusion Strap : High comfort strap with length adjustment via wedge in grip.
  • Multigrip : Special Grip for Backcountry use with extended Grip area and multiple Grip options.
  • Matte Finish: Extremely matte upper surface for a high-quality look.

Technical Specifications

  • Shaft Diametric Combined : 16:14:9 MM
  • Shaft Material : Carbon 100%
  • Swing Weight : 110 KGM²
  • Lengths :115 - 160 (VARIABLE)
  • Weight per meter : 105 G

Part Number: OZ45021