Nordic Grip Wax - 25g

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Toko Nordic Grip Wax

You spend less time prepping your skis and more time gliding over the peaceful trails once you start using the Toko Nordic Grip Wax.

  • Base Green: put on first before any other grip wax layer, it increases durability and friction
  • Yellow: best for damp, new snow and loose, old snow; the warmest wax (Air: 38 to 26F)
  • Red: the most versatile for new snow, man-made snow, and old snow; the middle temperature wax (Air: 32 to 14F)
  • Blue: best for cold, dry, and compact snow; the coldest wax (Air: 20 to -22F)
Technical Specifications
  • Red & Green

Part Number: 4040-00280-4047