Unisex Chill Toque

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Sauce Headwear Unisex Chill Toque

Please note these hats may or may not come with a pom-pom or tassel on top. Please call us at 208-336-3854 prior to ordering to confirm which styles we have available in each pattern. 

Ideal for chilly weather, or chilling out, the Polartec® Power Stretch® fleece-lined CHILL TOQUE (toque, rhymes with duke) is one of the warmer pieces in Sauces Headwear collection.

  • The Sauce-original swirl closure at the top of the hat provides an escape for excess heat or a hole for a high-ponytail, and makes the hat look great on!
  •   It also makes for evenly distributed bulk at the top of the hat for a comfortable fit under helmets. 
  • No bulky gathers or pointy seams means no pressure points. 
Technical Specifications 

Available in two sizes: S/M (designed to fit 6 to 7), and M/L (designed to fit 7- 7 3/4) 

Part Number: 003