Swift Headband

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Sauce Swift Headband

Light + Sleek Fit

The SWIFT HEADBAND is ideal for cool fall mornings and warm winter days. It protects the ears and forehead from wind, wicks away sweat, and keeps hair out of the way for a more enjoyable workout.

  • This headband is made from two layers of standard athletic fabric.
  • Unlike Sauce's other headband styles there is no insulating layer. 
  • The double layer of fabric is excellent at blocking wind, and while well suited to colder weather, it doesn't provide a real warm fuzzy feel.
Technical Specifications
  • The front measures 3.5" (9 cm) from top to bottom, while the back tapers by about 3/4 " for a comfortable fit under ponytails and hair.
  • The swift headband is sized a bit smaller than Sauce's other headband styles which makes it more appropriate for female customers. 
  • One Size (designed to fit 6 1/2 to 7)

Part Number: 216