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Bamboo Utility Deck Kombi

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This stylish Bamboo Utility Deck for the Kombi and Kombi E5 provides a sturdy platform for passengers and cargo. 

  • Now compatible with the Ring and Go-Getter Bag and looks real fresh paired with Yuba's Bamboo Running Boards! 

Technical Specifications

  • Delivered with hardware
  • Easy Installation
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • For Kombi and Kombi E5 only
  • Compatible with Ring
  • Compatible with the Yepp Nexxt child seat
  • While the Hamax Caress seat is compatible with the Kombi, the Deck and Hamax seat are not compatible together
  • Not compatible with the Yepp Maxi Easy Fit child seat, sorry kids
  • *Yuba chooses to use 3- or 5-Ply Bamboo for some of their accessories because it’s a durable and sustainable material.  Bamboo requires less water and other resources to reach maturity and grows quickly.
  • All of Yuba's Bamboo products have been tested for hazardous or harmful chemicals in congruence with EU REACH regulations and passed with flying colors. They are fully REACH compliant