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Toko Arctic Glove
The Toko Arctic Glove. A cold weather ski glove suitable for both men and women. Check the size guide and enjoy! Features: •Wind Blocker outershell with reflective accents •Thinsulate insulation •Chamude palm •Terry thumb patch •Anatomical cut with Precision Fit Technology •Knit cuff •Sizes 5-12 •Touch Screen Compatible
Toko Classic Glove
The Toko Classic Lightweight Cross Country Race Glove is your race day glove. Warm and articulate. Features: •External finger seam construction •Poly/Lycra outershell with reflective accents •Chamude palm with silicon accents on grip •Terry thumb patch •Tapered cuff •Anatomical cut with Precision Fit Technology •Touch Screen Compatible
Toko Nordic Grip Spray Yellow - 70ml
Specially for coarse, extremely wet snow, as a supplement to GripSpray universal. For damp to wet snow conditions and warm temperatures. Snow Temperature Range: -2 - 0°C Content Volume: 70 ml
Toko Ski Vise Nordic
Toko Ski Vise Nordic / Classic Simple, very compact fixation device for cross-country skis (skating and classic)/ Secures with adjustable center part directly on the binding. Compatible with all current binding models. Ideal for travelling.
Toko T8 800watt Waxing Iron
Toko T8 800watt waxing iron. Ergonomic WaxIron enables easy waxing in all directions. Precise temperature adjustment from 100 °C to 160 °C. The extra-strong aluminum pressure cast plate for ideal heat storage has a curved rhomboid structure that improves the distribution of the wax and compression.
Toko Workbench Small
Toko Workbench Small Multifunctional, lightweight, stable wax table with 4 non-slip rubber feet.
Toko HF Dibloc Red 60g
Medium-hard, highly fluorinated race wax to meet the highest demands. Article Id:4020-00080-3000 Snow Temperature Range:-4.00 °C to -10.00 °C Content Weight: 60.00 g Detail Description: Best sliding properties Outstanding degree of hold Extremely water and dirt repellent Fluorine Dibloc acts as a bonding agent for top finish products For normal winter snow conditions
Toko LF Hot Wax Blue 120g
Medium-hard, low fluorinated hot wax for races and practice sessions in all disciplines. Snow Temperature Range: -30 - -10°C Content Weight: 120 g For cold and aggressive snow conditions Tribloc technology for excellent sliding properties High degree of hold Fluorine Dibloc acts as a bonding agent for Top Finish products Is used as a base wax and base layer for HF waxes during racing events Resealable wax case
Toko NF Hot Wax Blue - 120g
Hard, ecological HydroCarbon wax for training and base care. Snow Temperature Range:-30 to-10°C Content Weight:120 g For cold and aggressive snow conditions Biodegradable Without the addition of fluorine Ideal for practice sessions and ambitious amateurs Resealable wax case
Toko Nordic Grip Wax - 25g
Toko Nordic Grip Wax - X-Cold. You spend less time prepping your skis and more time gliding over the peaceful trails once you start using the Toko Nordic Grip Wax. Features: Base Green: put on first before any other grip wax layer, it increases durability and friction Yellow: best for damp, new snow and loose, old snow; the warmest wax (Air: 38 to 26F) Red: the most versatile for new snow, man-made snow, and old snow; the middle temperature wax (Air: 32 to 14F) Blue: best for cold, dry, and compact snow; the coldest wax (Air: 20 to -22F)
Toko Nordic GripWax Blue - 25g
Grip wax for cold, dry conditions as well as hard-pressed, compact snow. Article Id:5508753 Snow Temperature Range:-30 to -7°C Content Weight:25g Practical packaging:the wax can be twisted out like a lipstick
Toko Structurite Nordic Kit w/ Rollers
Toko Structurite Nordic Kit w/ Rollers Affordable and very effective imprinting tool for nordic race skis, the Interchangeable rollers easily change the base structure for different conditions. Imprinting the base is different than previous "rilling" tools, as imprinting does not create the micro-hairs that a riller does. Often, the imprint will nearly disappear with the next hot-waxing. This allows the skier to select the appropriate day's structure, and imprint anew after hot-waxing and brushing. Kit includes tool holder and THREE ROLLERS Red roller, a fine broken/diagonal structure for most humidity conditions in the 20° F (-7° C) range Blue- very fine linear structure for cold and dry conditions. Linear structure is best used on classic skis Yellow- medium cross/diagonal structure for wet and high humidity. Not a substitute for the deep rill or stone grind used in very wet snow (think rain or spring slush), this is does work very well in high humidity new snow towards 32F snow temperature
Toko Thermo Plus Ski Glove
The Toko Thermo Plus Glove is a favorite in the Nordic World. Even in single digit temps your fingers will stay warm and your feel on the grip will stay intact. A low-profile palm made of high-quality Clarino Chamude allows for a secure grip, while a wind-resistant backhand insulates your paws during aerobic workouts at any speed. Thermo Plus Glove is a gold standard for cold-weather Nordic handwear. Snug lycra cuff seals in heat Durable chamude palm lasts through multiple seasons of wear Terrycloth thumb patch creates comfort and relief for a runny nose Ideal for Nordic training in colder weather
Toko XC Profile Clamps
Toko XC Profile Clamps. For mounting Cross Country Profile to a workbench. 1 pair.
Toko XC Profile Set for Wax Tables
XC Profile Set for Wax Tables Plastic profiles for cross-country skis fit Workbench Small. Includes mount for fixing the binding Suitable for classic and skating skis (lengths from 170 - 210 cm) Lightweight and stable, 1.4 kg
Toko Basic Hot Wax Starter Kit
Here is a great way to get your basics covered in one simple kit. The kit includes one 40 gram bar each of Toko Red, Yellow and Blue NF waxes, plus a nylon brush, 3mm Plexi scraper and a nylon storage bag. We find the nylon bag is perfect for storing a wax iron, as a matter of fact its the same bag that is included with the Toko T14 wax iron. Toko NF (non-fluoro) waxes are high quality hydrocarbon waxes perfect for day-to-day waxing and training. This is a great introduction to the Toko line, if you love the wax (and we're pretty sure you will) we offer them seperately in larger 120 gram blocks. Each 40g bar is good for about 4-5 wax jobs. Kit includes one each of the following items: Toko NF Yellow - 40g. Toko NF Red - 40g. Toko NF Blue - 40g. Toko white nylon brush (70 x 140mm). Toko 3mm Plexiglass scraper (60 x 130mm). Zippered Cordura storage bag w/Toko logo.
Toko Jetstream Racing Powder : Red 30g
100% pure perfluourcarbon pressed rub-on powder, used as a top finish for optimal acceleration values and sliding properties. Snow Temperature Range:-4.00 °C to -10.00 °C Content Weight:30.00 g Detail Description Extremely water and dirt repellent Fast and flexible to use, just before the start or for sprint competitions Can also be ironed in for better durability (use Base Tex to protect the base!) For normal winter snow conditions
Toko Jetstream Racing Powder : Yellow 30g
This 100% pure perfluorcarbon iron-in powder is used as a top finish in racing and offers unbeatable sliding properties and abrasion resistance. Snow Temperature Range:0.00 °C to -4.00 °C Content Weight:30.00g Detail Description Extremely water and dirt repellent Ironing ensures a very high degree of hold Ideal for long distances Suitable for all types of snow Unbeatable, especially on fresh natural snow Iron temperature 150 °C
Toko Roto Brush Handle: Single Shaft
Designed to apply JetStream waxes. Axle with cover for 100mm Roto brushes.
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