Via Carbon Poles

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G3 Via Carbon Poles

If you like strong, lightweight backcountry ski poles with lots of amenities, G3 nails it for you. The Via Carbon is an adjustable pole that is durable enough for big adventures and handy enough for daily touring. With a Quick Flick utility tab on the handle, you can easily adjust your riser positions. Ergonomic handles and foam grips with a plastic upper make this pole comfortable and an invaluable ally in the backcountry! The Asymmetric powder baskets reduce drag and prevent the tip from levering out on hard snow. Strong ferrules, carbide tips, and 16mm carbon fiber shafts make the Via a daily-use ski pole.

  • QuickFlick utility tap is an over-hanging grip that you can use to manipulate bindings.
  • Grip it & Rip it foam grips and a sensory ridge for precision plants.
  • Off Center Connection in the baskets reduces the cantilever effect when poling uphill.
  • Comfortable, form-fitting strap is removable if you prefer to go sans in the trees.
  • Side Hill grips are simple rings below the handles for choking up on steep skinners.
  • Forged aluminum connection between 18mm upper and 16mm lower won’t break.
  • Basket spokes are rigid for adjusting bindings and mount on replaceable ferrules.