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Primus (Brunton Outdoor) TrailSpork

The TrailSpork is a combined fork, knife and spoon in high grade materials. Ideal both as cooking utensil and tableware for food that requires a little more effort.

  • Anodized aluminum is lightweight with high strength and durability and TrailSpork Alu is designed to be the only cooking utensil you will need on your adventure.
  • TrailSpork Ti is a fork, knife and spoon in one.
  • Titanium is both lightweight and very strong, as well as durable.
  • The spork is designed to be the only tool you need to bring on your adventures, as it can be used both as cooking utensils and cutlery.
Technical Specifications
  • Made from bulletwood and brass
  • Two detachable parts to make packing and storing easy
  • Cotton storage bag included

Part Number: P-740540