Selle Royal Avenue Moderate Men's Saddle

Selle Royal
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Trek Selle Royal Avenue Moderate Men's Saddle

A throne fit for royalty

The Selle Royal Avenue Moderate saddle offers a high level of comfort thanks to the generous layer of Royalgel™ padding that reduces pressure in the ischial bones area. The central indent also offers perineal relief with added elastomers to ensure stability.

Featuring a water-resistant exterior and Integrated Clip System for attaching lights or bags, this saddle is ideal for short to medium rides in the city.

Product details

  1. Royalgel™ padding reduces pressure by up to 40%
  2. Water-resistant Black Tex cover
  3. Center channel pressure relief for increased comfort
  4. Patented ICS clip system at the rear for easy light or saddle bag attachment
  5. Foam Matrix provides greater elasticity and breathability