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Lite Bathroom Kit

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The PACT Lite Kit is an all-in-one backcountry bathroom kit for digging a hole and burying your poop.   

It comes with award-winning PACT Wipes and Tabs that save weight, keep you cleaner and speed up decomposition of poop.

Great for hiking, backpacking, bikepacking, camping, fishing and other activities that take you to places without bathroom facilities. Weighs 120 grams fully stocked with supplies.

Technical Specifications

The PACT Lite Kit includes:

Ergonomic Shovel:lightweight, durable aluminum makes digging a hole fast and easy. PAC

PACT Tabs:use mycelium from fungi to break down poop in the ground faster while killing harmful bacteria. Resealable pouch with 60 Tabs (~20 bathroom trips).

PACT Wipes:compressed, plant-based wipes unfold into a 9” towel with a squirt of water. They leave you cleaner without all the additives of TP and conventional wipes. Resealable pouch with 20 Wipes (~20 bathroom trips).

Wipes & Tabs Storage:convenient storage compartments inside the handle of the shovel hold a weeks supply of Wipes and Tabs.