Hi-Lo 2" Hitch Extension

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KUAT Hi-Lo 2" Hitch Extension

Some things just don’t mesh. Like your online dating profile and reality. Or hitch racks and spare tires…or tailgates…or steep inclines. Compatibility issues are everywhere. Adding the Hi-Lo to your hitch receiver is like updating your personal interests from picnics and long walks on the beach to skydiving and swimming with sharks.

  • Hi-Lo Pro is a 2” hitch extension (works with 2” hitch receivers) with a 250 lb. weight limit
  • Provides 2 1/8" of drop or 2 1/8" of rise to the vehicle receiver
  • Provides 10” of Hitch Extension
  • Matte Black with black water transfer logos
  • Locking hitch pin included
Technical Specifications
  • Provides your hitch with 7” or 10” of extension
  • Offers 2.5” vertical drop or rise
  • Compatible with 2” receivers
  • Threaded pin included
  • 250 lb Max Carry Weight
  • 2” Hitch Only

Part Number: HL20B