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Grey Matter

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  • 8 inches tall
  • Italian Merino Wool, and made in Italy, of course.
  • Hand or machine-wash on delicate using a mild detergent at 30° C or 86° F.
  • Air or line-dry; lay flat if possible.
  • Your merino MINTs may appear larger than your standard MINTs when you first receive them. 
  • WHY? Most merino socks sold in the US are pre-washed and use fabric softener that washes out the natural oils and lanolin in the wool; it is  processed.
  • MINT socks are made of high-grade Argentine non-mulesed merino spun in Italy. It is unwashed and untreated and will shrink 10-15% on first washings when care is followed. 

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When it comes to gray vs grey, either is acceptable. Gray is more widely used in the US while grey is more common in other English speaking countries. As we are all-inclusive, grey it is. Grey matter in science is essential to your functioning brain. Grey Matter in MINT is essential to your functioning feet in colder weather. Riding in cold weather is good for the soul. So get your brain in the game, kit up properly, and make it matter.