Booster 9.7mm x 70m Rope

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Beal Booster 9.7 x 70m Rope

This thin rope combines a number of qualities that make it very satisfying to use. Compact, fluid and ultra-light, this rope fits everywhere. With a low impact force and designed to withstand a high number of falls, the BOOSTER III rope will soon become your best partner on your climbs. We recommend it for advanced climbers.

  • The BOOSTER III rope is reinforced with Beal's UNICORE technology. This provides excellent strength and sets a new benchmark in safety.
  • Diameter - 9.7mm
  • Range - Intensive Line
  • Material - Polyamide
  • Low Impact Force - 7.40 kN
  • Sport Products - YES
  • Rope Core - Polyamide PA
  • Sheath Slippage - 0 mm
  • Family - booster 9.7mm Dry Cover
  • Single Rope - yes
  • Dynamic elongation - 38%
  • Static Elongation 9.7%
  • Percentage of sheath - 42%