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    Atomic BCT Touring SQS Poles

    *Freight charges will apply*

    If you’re looking for a reliable and lightweight pole for touring (and one you can use for days on the piste as well) Atomic BCT Touring SQS is a great option.

    • It’s made from highest grade aluminum giving it lots of strength.
    • It’s telescopic with easy length adjustment (95cm-145cm) so you can match it to the gradient of your climb.
    • Atomic has also added SQS (Safety Quick Release System) that instantly releases your strap under tension to prevent injuries. And then we’ve finished it off with an extended ergonomic EVA grip so you can hold your pole further down on climbs. Enjoy your tour!
    Technical Specifications
    • SQS - Safety Quick Release System
    • 5* Aluminum Pole Technology
    • Adjustable Length (Telescope with Power Lock) 95-145cm
    • Ergonomic BCT Grip (EVA)
    • Touring Strap
    • Touring Basket (85mm)
    • Ergonomic M-Fit
    • Carbide Tip

    Part Number: AJ5005460