Aerolite Skate 90 Skate Ski

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Fischer Aerolite Skate 90 Skate

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*** These skis are sold without bindings *** 

The Aerolite Skate 90 is the new alternative to the World Cup models. If you want to improve your race performance, this extremely lightweight ski with Air Core Basalite Pro construction is ideal. The side shape, base, and grind are from the World Cup in combination with the stable construction. These features deliver high speed and stable steering characteristics when gliding. For a more precise ski selection, the skis are offered in two hardness classes.


  • CFC (Computer Flex Control) : For racers. Minimises differences in residual tension and camber pressure. Top climbing and kick performance.

  • Precision Pairing System : fully automatic dynamic measurements of a multitude of pairing criteria ensures precise ski choice and optimised pairing.

  • Prewaxed : Infrared preparation with hot wax. Best gliding properties, protection against dirt and oxidation. Powered by VAUHTI.

  • Sidecut World Cup Skate : Arrow-shaped sidecut for improved performance and dynamics especially for the 1:1 skating technique.

  • Skating 115: Special camber and snow contact points further apart from each other mean increased stability and a more powerful kick action on hard snow.

  • World Cup Tip : The new lower and shorter tip construction follows the demands of real racing. It reduces the ski's swingweight to a minimum, enabling highest agility.

Technical Specifications

  • Air Core Basalite Pro : Extremely lightweight and torsion-free construction with highly stable sidewalls. Volcanic basalt fibres for minimum weight and perfect flex characteristics regardless of temperature.

  • DTG World Cup Plus : Deeper and coarser Plus structure, ideal for warm and moist conditions. Produced using natural diamond.

  • Finish First : The finishing touch that covers and unites all the individual technological steps in the course of the final treatment of the base.

  • Power Edge : Reinforced ski chassis ensures longer service life. Homogeneous pressure distribution ensures uniform wax wear.
  • Weight Per Ski: 1.090g (186cm)

Part Number: N22523V (Medium), N22623V (Stiff)