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Continental Grand Prix 4000 (650c)

Continental Grand Prix 4000 (650c)
The Grand Prix 4000 is available in Black/Blackwall (cutaway view shown).
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Conti's Grand Prix 4000 ups the ante in high-tech road tires. The smooth center tread rolls fast and the tread pattern on the shoulders maximizes cornering traction. Continental's Black Chili Compound tread provides lower rolling resistance with outstanding handling and cornering. Tread-wear indicators show the wear rate of the tire, eliminating guessing. And, the ultimate highlight is the introduction of Vectran. This polymer membrane offers excellent puncture protection and reduces rolling resistance, all at a race-ready weight.

Continental's Black Chili rubber compound significantly improves wear, traction and rolling resistance through the use of carbon nanotechnology, microscopic carbon particles in the rubber. These mold better to the ground and have more points of contact, which gives the tire more grip. And, because the compound matrix is formed of more particles, which are connected more tightly with each other, the tire lasts longer. Plus, the smaller particles are more flexible, too, which improves rolling resistance.
Vectran is a liquid-crystal polymer woven into the Grand Prix 4000 as armor against cuts, abrasions and impacts. It's also incredibly flexible to conform to the road's contours enhancing traction and feel. Finally, Vectran resists fatigue caused by repeated flexing, which lengthens the tire's life.
The Grand Prix 4000 features these wear indicators. When they disappear, it's new-tire time.