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Ski and Waxing Tools

we wear our pinstripe blue collared shirts to scrape 'round here

 Rotobrush - Vises and Clamps - Irons - Brushes - Benches

Toko Base Brush Combi Nylon / Copper
An economical brush option of 1/2 Nylon and 1/2 Copper. The proverbial two birds one stone scenario.
Swix Sport Pencil Groove Scraper
It's a pencil groove scraper... huh, wonder what it does?
Toko Basic Hot Wax Starter Kit
Here is a great way to get your basics covered in one simple kit. The kit includes one 40 gram bar each of Toko Red, Yellow and Blue NF waxes, plus a nylon brush, 3mm Plexi scraper and a nylon storage bag. We find the nylon bag is perfect for storing a wax iron, as a matter of fact its the same bag that is included with the Toko T14 wax iron. Toko NF (non-fluoro) waxes are high quality hydrocarbon waxes perfect for day-to-day waxing and training. This is a great introduction to the Toko line, if you love the wax (and we're pretty sure you will) we offer them seperately in larger 120 gram blocks. Each 40g bar is good for about 4-5 wax jobs. Kit includes one each of the following items: Toko NF Yellow - 40g. Toko NF Red - 40g. Toko NF Blue - 40g. Toko white nylon brush (70 x 140mm). Toko 3mm Plexiglass scraper (60 x 130mm). Zippered Cordura storage bag w/Toko logo.
Swix Sport Plexi Scraper Sharpener 40mm
Swix Sport Plexi Scraper Sharpener will keep that scarper in tip top form. Give your plastic scrapers a clean, dialed edge with the Swix Plexi Sharpener. A 40mm short file and a right-angle guide takes all the work out of maintaining your Plexi scrapers so you can scrape wax quickly and get back to your life. T0408
Swix Sport Plexi Scrapers
$7.95 - $9.95
The Swix Wax Scrapers do the job. Simple.
Swix Sport Carving Kit 1
The Swix Carving Kit 1. The kit includes a file holder, file, square diamond stone and square abrasive stone for doing all of your basic side and base edge maintenance. This kit also includes one ski break retainer, to keep your breaks down so you can make clean passes over the edges with the various stones and files in this kit. Features: File Holder with 40mm file Side-edge 88 and 89 degrees; base edge 0.5 and 1 degrees Diamond stone and sheet for case hardening Ski brake retainers
Swix Sport Pocket Edge Sharpener
The Swix Pocket Edge Sharpener has a couple of anlges to choose and it's a simple thing that makes a world of difference to your skis. TA3001
Black Diamond Transfer 3 Shovel
The Black Diamond Transfer 3 Shovel helps you throw as much snow as possible from the smallest footprint. Built with an extendable handle and high-volume blade profile that's super durable and the smooth-bottom blade gives you clean walls for your snow pit. Extendable, removable trapezoidal shaft with a redesigned, anodized blade Hybrid D/T handle ** Extra Shipping will be added **
Burton Zip Tool
Burton Snowboard Zip Tool. It only takes one wipe out to put a damper on your day especially if that fall loosens a binding or some other screw on your board. This pocket-friendly compact tool is ready to tackle any hillside emergency. Features: Ultra-Lightweight, Pocket-Friendly Design #2 and #3 Phillip s Flat Head 4MM Allen Key 10MM Wrench Goggle Squeegee
Burton Starter Kit
The Burton Starter Kit gets all the basics covered in a compact carry case.
Swix Sport XC Waxing Profile
Swix XC Waxing Profile. Quality wax profile, For both classic and skating skis, For all skiers and waxers, Easy to adjust. Same profile in front and back. Lightweight aluminum. Front and back part are both adjustable. Fixation in binding. Takes skis from 140 cm to 210 cm. Fits to T0079-1 legs or T0790-K clamps. Weight: 3 kg/6.6 lbs
Swix Sport T410 Plexi Sharpener WC Large
Swix Sport T410 Plexi Sharpener WC Large Two walls for stable position makes it easy to sharpen precise. With long 100 mm quality file from Switzerland. The approximated packaged size or the size of the product's package is 280 x 100 x 60 mm.
Swix Sport Swix Coarse Bronze Brush
Swix T158D Coarse Bronze Brush. An essential tool, Coarse Bronze brush is used to prep bases prior to waxing or as a first brush after scraping a cold-weather wax. Features: 0.18mm: medium-coarse bronze bristles with a row of softer nylon bristles around the outside edge as sweepers for wax particles Removes oxidation, old wax and debris, and revives base structure
Swix Sport Economy Waxing Table
The T754 Swix Economy Waxing Table is an excellent value and it's compact design is ideally suited for working on shorter length skis and any snowboards. Includes slots on both sides of the table for mounting cross country profiles. Alternatively, you can also mount a pair of ski vises on each side of the table. Includes adjustable leg for a perfectly level working surface no matter where the ski waxing table sits, inside or outside on the snow or in the parking lot. Quickly folds up for convenient transport and storage. The Swix T00754 Waxing Table has a compact 96cm x 45cm tabletop surface, ideally suited for shorter length skis and snowboards while still leaving plenty of room for waxing iron, waxes and ski / snowboard tuning accessories. It is highly recommended to secure and fix the ski in place (use Swix Ski Holders) when using Swix ski vises or a Swix Cross Country Waxing profile with this table. One leg is height adjustable Removable table top in wood Can be used for snowboards Fits two sets of cross country waxing profiles (T0771) Table top: 96 cm x 45 cm. Weight: 11.5 kg/25.3 lbs. *** Extra Freight Charge for Oversized Item ***
Swix Sport Rectangular Black Stiff Nylon Brush
First brush on Cera F. 10 strokes. For “brush up” (not away) of Cera F powder after ironing and before ironing FC7 and FC78 the second time, 4-5 strokes.
Swix Sport Rectangle Wild Boar Brush
Swix Sport brushes are designed for brushing wax out of the structures (base patterns) in ski bases and snowboards after scraping. Should be used in one direction, from tip to tail. Special brushes are also used before waxing to clean and open base for better wax absorption. The Swix Wild Boar Brush is 0.15 mm. It is the second brush on Cera F. Use 5 to 10 strokes.
Swix Sport T73 World Cup Waxing Iron
Swix Sport T73 World Cup Iron. Finest waxing iron we sell! Please stop using grandmas iron, grandpas shirt collars are getting itchy. The 8 mm plate gives a stable temperature. T73 has manual choice of temperature by indication of degrees and is simply done by an adjustment-wheel. Adjustment range from 100°C to 165°C. 500 Watt. Ready for years of service.
Toko Base Brush Copper
For initial brushing of bases. Removes old wax and other various impurities from you skis. Makes base cleaning a breeze.
Swix Sport Synthetic Cork w/ Velcro Sandpaper #100
Racing cork for waxes reflective on sandpaper. Synthetic racing cork with greater density on sandpaper.
Toko Roto Brush Handle: Single Shaft
Designed to apply JetStream waxes. Axle with cover for 100mm Roto brushes.
Swix Sport Riller Blade
Structure Iron .5mm Fine Swix One of the first commercial rilling tools and still a popular choice for the do it yourself folks!
Toko XC Profile Clamps
Toko XC Profile Clamps. For mounting Cross Country Profile to a workbench. 1 pair.
Toko T8 800watt Waxing Iron
Toko T8 800watt waxing iron. Ergonomic WaxIron enables easy waxing in all directions. Precise temperature adjustment from 100 °C to 160 °C. The extra-strong aluminum pressure cast plate for ideal heat storage has a curved rhomboid structure that improves the distribution of the wax and compression.
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