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Skate Skis

Rossignol Delta Skating Ski
The Rossignol Delta Skating Ski Delta uses Rossignol's lightweight Honeycomb core with an Activ'Cap construction, keeping the ski stiff enough to power up hills and over flats, while maintaining softer tips and tails to cruise over uneven snow. The Delta is marginally heavier (by 30g) than the Delta Course, a difference barely more than the weight of a pencil, and it has a Racing Cobra sidecut that's slightly wider in the tip to keep the ski moving in the direction of travel when on edge. When it's running flat, double guide grooves on the base keep it tracking forward, and an integrated IFP plate allows drill-free binding mounting and adjustment. Features: Racing skate ski for athletes and expert Nordic skiers Nomex Honeycomb core is lightweight and race-ready Activ'Cap Construction combines supple flex with torsional rigidity Cobra Racing sidecut provides stable, fluid skating Guide grooves stabilize the ski for enhanced tracking at speed Turnamic and NNN-compatible IFP plate promotes natural ski flex
Fischer Speedmax Skate Plus Med IFP
Fischer Speedmax Skate Plus with Cold Base Bonding and Plus finish for unparalleled wax absorption and considerably improved grindability of the base. Suitable for: -10°C and warmer. The Speedmax collection: with the revolutionary winning technology Cold Base Bonding and the Precision Pairing System – to ensure exact ski selection and optimum ski pairing. Plus: Finish First gives the ski the perfect finish! SIDECUT - 41-44-44 SKI CORE - Air Core HM Carbon WEIGHT - 1.030g/186cm BASE / CLIMBING ZONE - WC Plus
Fischer RCS Skate Plus Skate Stiff Skis
The Fischer RCS Skate Plus Ski is a great performance skate ski. With a Deeper and coarser Plus structure, ideal for warm and moist conditions. Produced using natural diamond. The Swingweight is minimized using a special designed ultralight laminates in ski tip and tail mean even less ski weight. The advantage: less inertia and optimised swing weight. The core of the ski is made with the most successful ski core with over 80% air content for extremely light weight. Optimum performance thanks to torsion-free and break-resistant technology.
Fischer SC Skate Skis
Fischer SC Skate Skis deliver big trickle down technology with an affordable price tag. When learning to skate, speed usually correlates with fun. The Fischer SC Skate brings the speed, and thus, the fun. A new Power Layer brings about a dramatic weight reduction and an arrow-shaped sidecut make you feel like you're on the World Cup circuit. Features: SIDECUT: 41-44-44 WEIGHT: 1.360g/187cm BASE / CLIMBING ZONE: WC Pro CONSTRUCTION: 115 SKI CORE: Air Tec Basalite Universal Stone Grind Skating 115 special camber stretches snow contact points for greater stability and more powerful kick Tail Protector adds another layer of durability
Fischer Carbonlite Skate H-Plus IFP
Fischer Carbonlite Skate H-Plus IFP With glide qualities like this, you will hardly have a choice that's not "fast". The Fischer Carbonlite Skate H-Plus, optimized as a universal ski, gives your race fleet a jolt of velocity & control in compact conditions. Fischer's lightest offering, the Carbonlite Skate H-Plus fits those with racing in their blood and competition in their soul. Features: IFP plate designed for new Turnamic binding system Race Code Seal of Quality Finish First DTG World Cup Plus base Prewaxed for immediate performance, powered by Swix Holed Ski Tip Precision Pairing System Computer Flex Control Fischer Carbon Fiber World Cup Skate Sidecut (41/44/44) Power Edge Aircore Carbonlite core Weight: 980 grams (186 cm)
Fischer RCS Skate Plus Stiff IFP
The Fischer RCS Skate Plus Stiff IFP The Fischer RCS Skate Plus is the old flagship of the Fischer collection, with a pronounced Power Edge and Carbon core, continually proves itself to be a race winner. Hit the course with the confidence that you can hang with carbon fiber big brother. Features: IFP plate designed for Turnamic binding system Finish First DTG World Cup Plus base Prewaxed for immediate performance, powered by Swix Holed Ski Tip Precision Pairing System Computer Flex Control World Cup Skate Sidecut (41/44/44) Power Edge Aircore Carbon core Weight: 1090 grams (186 cm)
Rossignol Zymax Skate Ski IFP
Rossignol Zymax Skate Ski IFP The perfect ski for recreational or fitness-oriented skate skiers, the ZYMAX SKATING features a durable LDC Premium construction and a thinner core profile for a softer, more user-friendly flex at the tip and tail. Compatible with the Turnamic® binding system for the most natural ski flex and snow feel. Base tuning- K7000 Main size : 180 Plate-IFP SKU-RHGWF06 000 Sidecuts dimensions-40/44/43/43 Ski - Core:LDC Premium Ski - construction: Activ' Cap & Extended edge Ski program:RACE PERFORMANCE Weight:630 gr / pair
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