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IMT & Idaho Centric Gear

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IdaBrando Cap
$27.99 - $31.99
Just In!! Exclusive to Idaho Mountain Touring - now at both locations. What's this you say? "I've never heard of IdaBrando." Well consider yourself on the cusp of a trend we like to call being Idaho Grown! Developed right here in the great state of Idaho, by a dude that works here in our shop (named Rusty), that has a love of fishing and all things outdoors...and he has an eye for design. Offering multiple styles, colors, and designs. Right now you can chose from a trucker or a FleXFit hat with either their State Fish logo or the State Taco logo. * Bunches of different color options are available (we've displayed only 4 of the 23 options we carry), so drop by either store or give us a call to see what's in stock.
Wide Eye Productions Idaho From Above
$19.99 - $24.99
Idaho from Above A brand new film from Wide Eye Productions offers a fresh perspective on one of America’s final frontiers. Soar with us as we reveal Idaho from Above, an aerial experience. With more contiguous wilderness than any state outside of Alaska, the best way to capture Idaho’s remote and rugged landscapes is from the air. Idaho from Above was filmed from a helicopter and acquired in 5K— a format more than seven times greater resolution than HD. Fly with us and enjoy this jewel of the West— wild, mountainous, cracked with desert canyons and flowing with rivers of life. A portion of the film’s proceeds will help fund future conservation efforts in Idaho’s special places. Experience beauty; experience one of America’s most scenic and least known states in Idaho from Above.
Idaho Mountain Touring Men's IMT Logo Tee
Made right here in Boise Idaho and what's that across the chest? It's our awesome logo of course. These are really nice 60/40 poly-cotton shirts that hold there shape and feel great. Hey - Buy 2 and qualify for free freight!
Idaho Mountain Touring Women's IMT Logo Tee
Attention ladies ... Enjoy our IMT logo tee and let all those around you know you mean outdoor business! A 60/40 poly - cotton tee that stands up to washing and holds it shape. Try one on.
Pearl Izumi Idaho Mountain Touring PBR Jersey
This is a limited edition run of Pabst Blue Ribbon-inspired, Pearl Izumi-made, IMT jerseys. Just in time for the Holidays, but be warned: once they're gone, they're gone, and we move on to a new idea, so if you're a big PBR fan get to it. * pictured here with the matching IMT cycling cap, which is sold separately.
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