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Unisex Cairn Adventure Sandals

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  • Bedrock Sandals Patented design features premium webbing, 3 adjustment zones, and their sole-hugger wings for locked-in stability.
  • Premium Quality: they have spent years sourcing the best materials in the world, so you can spend maximum time enjoying the outdoors. The Cairn is USA Assembled of Domestic and Foreign Parts.
  • 1% For the Planet: Bedrock Sandals proudly donate 1% of your purchase to environmental non-profits.

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Bedrock Sandal broke the mold on “freedom footwear” with their award-winning Cairn design. With its exclusive strap system and Vibram® sole, Cairn continues to deliver on long trails, bike tours, or just kicking around town.

  • Vibram® XS Trek Regolith Outsole: Lightweight, long-lasting, and re-soulable.
  • Bedrock Sandal's most durable Vibram® outsole compound, best for grip in Dry conditions. For more performance grip in wet + slippery terrain consider the Cairn Pro lineup.
  • Minimalist footbed conforms to your feet for superior ground feel, flexibility, and packability.