Moonflex 4" 600 Diamond Stone

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SORMA Moonflex 4" 600 Diamond Stone

Moonflex stones boast a higher diamond count and concentration on their faces for greater durability, plus feature a unique spiral pattern that doesn't load with debris as fast as other diamond stones. 

  • Diamond stones last a long time if kept clean (we use an old toothbrush with wax remover or Ronson lighter fluid for this), and used with light pressure (a heavy hand can prematurely break diamonds loose from the stone). 
  • It's recommended to use a solution of 50% water and 50% denatured alcohol, or SVST Secret Sauce to help keep debris from clogging the diamonds.
Technical Specifications:
  • WHITE 600 Grit Moonflex Diamond Stone
  • Use for even smoother finishes