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    Dynafit Tour Vario 2.0 Ski Poles

    Lightweight ski touring poles with a composite construction, the Dynafit Tour Vario 2.0 ski touring poles have aluminum lower shafts with stiffer, lighter weight carbon fiber uppers to reduce weight.


    • Weighing in at 448g—ess than a pound for the pair—these poles are among the lightest ski touring poles in their class
    • Push-button system lets you adjust the length from 41.3 to 57.1 in. (105 to 145cm); packed length of 41.3 in. (105cm)
    • Closure system uses friction to keep pole shafts in place
    • Comfortable 2K foam grips with EVA extensions make the poles comfortable to hold in either position
    • Wrist straps increase stability on the climb
    • 2K powder baskets