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    Pomoca Free Pro 2.0 r2c 140mm CF v2

    Skins made specially for freeriders: light, excellent grip and glide, with specific Free Ride attachments.

    • At 140mm wide, these skins fit the fattest powder skis and come with a quick trimming tool to customize for the most efficient skinning experience.
    • Grams add up, and with that in mind, Pomoca used SSL (Safer Skin Light) membranes, cutting roughly 12% or 60-75g of weight from each pair of skins.
    • Pomoca Ever Dry 2.0 is more environmentally friendly than the original Ever Dry, and coats the entire skin in a hydrophobic layer.
    • The metal Fat Lock tip clip fits any ski, and doesn't require a pinhole or notch -- it just clips over the front of the ski.
    • Ultra-thin backing material means the skins pack down into a tiny package that fits in many jacket pockets.
    Technical Specifications
    • The way Pomoca weaves their fibers ensures longevity, glide and most importantly, grip.
    • A 90mm elastic strap on the tail of the skin adjusts easily for length and offers reliable hold.

    Part Number: 10-0012814012