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Terry's Topo mountain bike saddle for women takes everything we've learned about saddle comfort and tailors it to the specific needs of female mountain bikers. It's a sleek, low profile design with a narrower-shaped, flat rear platform that aids in your climbing performance and quick rear dismounts. The center has one of our widest cutaways to increase comfort and eliminate pressure points. And what really defines Topo is the use of durable, Fibra-tek with debossed topographic map of Vermont's Kingdom Trails. Made by hand in Italy.

Technical Specifications

• Fibra-tek cover with debossed topographic map of Vermont's renowned Kingdom Trails• Terry's signature cutaway through the center of the saddle for pressure relief• length x width: 262mm x 150mm• weight: 310 grams; 10.9 ounces• rails: FeC alloy