Deore LX PD-T421 SPD Pedal Set

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Shimano Deore LX PD-T421 SPD Pedal Set

Purpose built pedals for reliable performance for both off road and on road touring and commuting.

Reliable and durable

From touring to commuting, from off road to pavement, PD-T421 pedals deliver reliable performance with a versatile CLICK'R binding on one side with a flat platform on the other.

Shimano CLICK'R pedals offer a lighter spring for less step-in/out force along with a pop-up cage for easier step-in and preventing unintentional release.

Product details

  1. CLICK’R binding on one side and flat pedal on the other
  2. Lighter spring, easier to catch the binding
  3. Pop-up cage
  4. Better grip on flat side with non-slip surface and concave shape
  5. Rider tunable adjustable entry and release tension settings
  6. Durable chromoly axle and low-maintenance sealed bearings
  7. Integrated reflector for safety
  8. Includes Shimano SM-SH56 SPD Multi-Release Cleat Set