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Chelsea Trunk Bag

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The Chelsea Bike Trunk Bag easily fastens to the top of your bike's rear rack with adjustable and secure velcro straps and then converts into a crossbody bag to carry with you throughout your day. Consider this colorful bag your go-to, from picnic in the park - yes a wine bottle and a tablet fits - to a change of clothes for the gym. This stylish large capacity trunk bag is like your BFF of bags.

Technical Specifications

  • Tested to withstand 5 years of daily use, the Chelsea Trunk Bag is designed for larger e-bike racks (specs below). Includes a shoulder strap that tucks into a pocket and 4 premium fasteners to keep the bag attached to your bike.
  • Not sure what to bring on your next adventure? Bring it all! Books, clothes, food, you name it. Eight sizable pockets means that you can pack up your bag and know that everything will stay safe and stable during your ride.