Men's Tripp Beanie

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Pistil Men's Tripp Beanie 

You never know what Mother Nature will throw at you on a camping trip or a weekday trail escape. Some days the sun breaks through for a hit of warmth and others the cloud cover and chill just won't let up. With the men's Tripp beanie in your kit, you're prepped for whatever comes your way. This beanie is made from a recycled wool blend and features a fleece-lined earband for that extra bit of comfort and warmth. When you head home and the backyard firepit isn't quite throwing the heat, the Tripp will keep you warm for one last round.

  • Classic beanie with extra-wide ribbed bottom band
  • Fleece earband lining
  • Polylana, Recycled Polyester, Acrylic
  • Fleece ear band lining
    Technical Specifications
    • One Size; Stretch-to-fit circumference range 57 - 61cms / 22.5" - 24"
    • Canada

    Part Number: N2523P