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    Timber Bell Timber Mountain Bike Bell Bolt-On

    The Timber Bell comes in two options for your handlebars that features an On/Off switch. Switch it to the On position and the bell will ring when you hit a bump, etc. Switch to the Off position and the bell will be silent! If you find yourself using your bell on nearly every ride, this is the model for you. 

    • Get the quick release band or the hard mount 31.8 mm diameter, the same as the wider part of your bars near the stem.
    • It also includes a flexible 22.2 mm shim, for mounting your bell securely near your grips, closer to your hands. (For oversize and DH bars, you will want to use the shim and mount near the grips.)
    • Installation is easy. There is no need to remove the grips, brakes, etc. Just flex the clamp open and slide onto your bar. Timber Bell has recently improved the life of the internal index mechanism (on/off switch), and beefed up the strength of the internal clapper cable. 
    Technical Specifications
    • Color - Black