Montamix Adrenaline 140mm Climbing Skins

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Montana Skins Montamix Adrenaline Climbing Skins

The mixture of mohair and synthetic fibers makes the MONTAMIX ADRENALINE particularly robust and durable. The inclusion of nylon increases the life span and provides excellent climbing properties with good gliding characteristics at all temperature ranges. The MONTAMIX ADRENALINE guarantees a safe climb on all types of snow.

  • Quick and easy application of the climbing skins 
  • Sticks as securely as necessary but little as needed 
  • No protective covering required during transport or storage 
  • Easy and uncomplicated handling
Technical Specifications 
  • Cold weather resistant and residue free 
  • Washable without loss of adhesiveness 
  • revolutionary glueless adhesive 

Part Number: M3